Student Bug id Url to the bug Organization Bug description
Tony Thomas 48640 Mediawiki Un-subscribe frequently failing recipients
Tony Thomas 48641 Mediawiki Added BounceHandler extension to group0 wikis
Tony Thomas 186938 Mediawiki Made the deployment-mx talk back to deployment wiki on receiving a bounce
Tony Thomas 185634 Mediawiki AbuseFilter requires the AntiSpoof extension
Tony Thomas 187905 Mediawiki Set $domain part override for emails from beta


Student Magazine Title Area Date
Open Source for You Zsh: The Ultimate Alternative to Bash Shells Nov. 1, 2014
Open Source for You Analyse Packet Capture to Protect Your Network PCAP Analysis July 1, 2014
OPen Source for You Try your Hands at Owncloud Development Cloud computing Nov. 1, 2014
Open Source for You Tornado:A python web framework, That's simple and quick Web Development Oct. 1, 2014
Tony Thomas Open Source For You Why we need to handle our E-mail bounces Asia Sept. 1, 2014


Student Organization Project title Mentor Url
e-cidadania Re-purpose the proposals module Oscar Carballal
Tony Thomas The Wikimedia Foundation Add proper email bounce handling to MediaWiki (with VERP) Jeff Green, Legoktm
OWASP OWTF Flexible Mapping, Templating Engine and Passive Online Scanner Anant Shrivastava
Monkey HTTP Server Advanced Caching plugin for Monkey server Eduardo Silva
Tony Thomas The Wikimedia Foundation Mentor for NewsLetter extension for Mediawiki Tony Thomas, Quim Gil


Student Type Place Period
internship HIT Labs, New Zealand 4 months
internship UC Davis 3 months
internship University of California, Santa Cruz 6 months
exchange student University of Trento, Italy 10 months
internship CERN, Geneva 2 months (9 weeks)


Student Type Title Conference URL Year
Tony Thomas talk BounceHandler extension for Meidawiki MediawikI Developer's Summit, San Fransisco, CA 2015
talk Drupal: Web CMS FOSSter 2009 2009
Tony Thomas other Newsletter extension for Mediawiki Wikimedia Lyon Hackathon 2015
talk Introduction to CTF's HackBeach 2015
Tony Thomas workshop 3 Day MediaWiki Code Contribution Drive, IIT Madras FOSSTER at Shaastra 2016 2016

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